Maintain Your Dental Health This Holiday Season

You're not imagining things. Between candy at Halloween and Valentine's Day, and all those holiday treats in between, your oral health can be the subject of an almost constant assault. You don't have to finish up the holiday season with a cavity or other dental issues. Read on for some tips on getting through the season without a scratch.

Don't Break Up With Your Teeth  

Hard candy is plentiful around the holidays. One moment you may be munching on a candy cane and the next moment in pain from a broken or cracked tooth. In some cases, the crack is tiny and barely visible. Some hairline cracks are harmless, but others may signal just the beginning of a bigger problem. Almost all chips and cracks will cause issues if they are not addressed right away. If you can avoid a broken tooth, you should still be concerned about the sugar content of most hard candies. Don't let the sugar linger in your mouth — it only turns into bacteria that can do real damage to your gums and teeth. Brush, floss, and rinse after indulging in a sweet treat.

Avoid These Foods

It's difficult to say no to traditional holiday foods but you should think twice before you consume these foods:

  • Eggnog – The cream or milk contained in this drink can cling to your teeth long afterward.
  • Nuts – Be careful with mixed nuts. You might not be expecting some of the nuts to be harder than others and that could cause damage to your teeth.
  • Dried fruit – This fruitcake standby is incredibly sticky and difficult to remove from your teeth.
  • Starches – Most holiday meals feature generous selections of bread, dressing, potatoes, and more. Starches turn into bacteria just as sugar does so avoid them and remove them from your teeth quickly if you do eat them.

Avoid These Drinks

Holiday drinks are often sticky, sweet, and acidic. It's easy to grab a soft drink but the acid in them can be harmful to your enamel. Since many people only indulge in soft drinks while traveling, make it a point to keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Alcoholic drinks are also common during the holidays. It's almost a tradition to grab a beer to watch the game during the holidays. However, not only does alcohol attract bacteria to your mouth, but mixers are often full of milky, sweet, and sticky liquids.

You don't have to miss out on all the food fun during the holidays. Just be sure to visit your dentist before and afterward and take good care of your teeth during the holidays.

To learn more, speak to your dentist.

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